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Spotpixel is committed to finding out about and understanding your business. In this present reality where all the organizations are associated with the web, an expertly structured and upgraded site assumes a significant role in the achievement of any association. This is on the grounds that your site is a store or identity to your potential customers where they can find & achieve all kinds of information, requirements through the web. To do help you with this we come into the picture.

By building a relationship with every one of our customers, we can guarantee our showcasing procedure is worked with the sole focal point of tackling the issues your business faces.

Every one of our showcasing efforts is worked in light of the customer's needs to take care of the best-promoting issues. While various online organizations share a comparative vision, we separate ourselves by the advancement we get. We guarantee this standard of our administration conveyance is met each time we take into account a customer.

Spotpixels has achieved a few accomplishments in the zones of web Designing, web hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, web promoting, PPC, Facebook Ads and so on. As it were, it gives its entire scope of IT services to tackle the intensity of innovation. We endeavor to convey first-class benefits that prepare our customers to turn into the market chief and accomplish an edge over the challenge.






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  • October, 1858

    In the beginning was the Cable...

  • October, 1969

    The internet is born, but there's no such thing as a website.

  • December, 1989

    20 years later the world's first websites arrive.

  • January, 1994

    Netscape,Yahoo and Amazon launch.

  • March, 1997

    The 1,000,000th domain launches. Time Magazine announces, "Welcome to the wired world."

  • May, 2000

    Dot-com boom peaks. PHP 4.0 Released.

  • July, 2001

    More and more website launches and Drupal 1.0 released

  • September, 2002

    Wifi goes mainstream.

  • December, 2004

    Web 2.0: The internet becomes a two-way street. Businesses demand tools to manage their sites.

  • December, 2007

    iPhone 1 is released. Local development tools appear.

  • January, 2009

    Cloud computing takes off. Github.com launches. Developers feel the pain of fragmented environments.

  • February, 2010

    "DevOps" becomes a household word. Drupal project transitions to git, developers cheer.

  • May, 2012

    Pantheon changes the game for deploying in the cloud.


    200 million websites are live on the internet. Pantheon launches Multidev Cloud development Environments.

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  • Plan

    Recognize your intended interest group, suitable site tone, and objectives.Thoroughly consider how you might want your site to have the option to work.
    All the more explicitly, what highlights should be on your site? The manner in which your site looks and feels is similarly as significant as what it can do. Consider what hues and pictures you need on your site and how your site looks at to your rivals.
  • Design

    Assign roles as per strategy to Web developers, Content writer and/or editor, HTML/CSS professional, Web and graphic designer.
    Create a content strategy for What sort of substance will you show on your site ?
  • Build

    Building site according to all procedures and plans utilizing collaboration is chiefly featured in our work.
    We generally center around standers method for building a site like responsive planning and test it out.
  • Launch

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We provide best service with the valves and desires of the people it serves.

Web design

The website specialist is the individual or gathering of individuals who are liable for the formation of the site idea. They may conclude that it should be a sure shading, with certain substance and pages.

Web Development

Web Development extensively alludes to the assignments related with creating sites for facilitating by means of intranet or web. The web advancement process incorporates website composition, web content Development, customer side/server-side scripting and system security arrangement, among different tasks.

E-Commerce Solution

Web based business sites the purchasing and selling of merchandise and ventures, or the transmitting of assets or information, over an electronic system, fundamentally the web.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a help that permits associations and people to post a site or website page onto the Internet.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is the demonstration of routinely checking your site for issues and errors and keeping it refreshed and pertinent. This ought to be done consistently so as to keep your site solid, energize proceeded with traffic development, and fortify your SEO and Google rankings.

Digital Marketing

At a significant level, computerized showcasing alludes to publicizing conveyed through advanced channels, for example, web search tools, sites, online networking, email, and portable applications. While this term covers a wide scope of promoting exercises, which are all not all around settled upon.

Content Writing Service

Content is the voice of your organization that you need individuals to hear. A publicist can transform any composition into something connecting so individuals can think about your business.

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk messaging is regularly utilized for alerts, updates, advertising yet additionally for data and correspondence between both staff and clients.

Graphic Design

The art and practice of arranging and anticipating thoughts and encounters with visual and printed content.

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~ Real Estate ~

Website Design ~ Digital Marketing


Individuals go to the web when searching for new homes in the present land world. A couple of years prior, you found them online on a work area, got a guide, and drove out to see a potential habitation. Today, you snatch a cell phone and go, in light of the fact that anything from that point onward, you can turn upward on your telephone. With the enormous move to a portable web, realtors need to remain in the game by expanding their web nearness.

Land is a field that is characterized by you as the operator and the manner in which you lead your business. It's creation yourself a pertinent and significant asset to your customer base and the network all in all.

With such a significant number of operators out there competing for a bit of the land showcase, it's anything but difficult to get ignored by potential customers. So as to transcend the brawl, you have to figure out how to showcase yourself adequately. In the event that your promoting plan involves conveying mass messages, and setting paper and magazine advertisements, reconsider.


  • Branding
  • Dynamic Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic
~ Fire Services Industry ~

Website design


Fighting fires and protecting people and property from flames; Rescuing individuals from Road Traffic Accidents; and. Managing other explicit crises, for example, flooding or psychological oppressor assault which are set out by Statutory Order and can be altered in accordance with how the job of the Service may change later on.


  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic
~ Water Supply Industry ~

Website design ~ Web Development


As of now, there are numerous water purifier accessible in the market. All water purifiers have their own USPs and all case to give the best water quality. Notwithstanding, what you have to remember is that all water purifiers accompany diverse specialized determinations and have certain essential necessities.

Knowing which one will work for you, relies upon factors like water pressure, water quality and space accessible and on the off chance that you are uncertain which one you ought to go for, at that point investigate this guide on the best way to pick a water purifier to choose the best water purifier for home use using Water purifier websites.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Skill4
~ Educational Industry ~

Digital Marketing ~ Graphic Desing


The present instructive framework is with the end goal that understudies need to secure information and abilities past homeroom learning. For this, Internet and instructive sites assume a significant job. This investigation targets finding out the consciousness of instructive sites among higher optional school understudies, accentuation the requirement for direction programs among understudies, featuring the job of custodians in conferring data on the different data sources accessible on the Net and managing the understudies on utilization of instructive sites. The investigation additionally attempts to discover the instructive sites generally utilized by the understudies and the reason for which they are utilized.

The survey strategy was utilized for the examination. Surveys were circulated similarly among the male and female understudies of higher auxiliary schools in. It was discovered that understudies get to the Internet for scholarly purposes, long range informal communication, games and diversion. The understudies utilized the instructive sites predominantly for their venture works and assignments. The administrators were found to assume an insignificant job in familiarizing the understudies with the instructive sites and their appropriate use.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Skill4
~ Packers and Movers Industry ~

Web Development ~ Bulk SMS Service


Packers and movers industries websites are providing significant help in choosing the right comapany of reliable packers and movers that cares about your relocation requirements with personal attention.

Websites helps to customer to find best & easy way whitch is very near by them.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Skill4
~ Valves Industry ~

Web Design ~ Graphic Design


Every manufacturing industry want their barnding unique way that are unlike other industries.Major audience are attracted towards company due to hight-quality websites.

We always focused on Credibility, Exposure and attracting the hightest quality employess. We Can help sovle these need through high-quality webistes made for manufacturing and industrial company.Websites that look extraordinary, yet additionally yield results for your organization.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Skill4
~ Photography and Videography Industry ~

Graphic Design ~ Web Design


Proficient photography and video administrations work with customers to give recordings and photos to an assortment of purposes including promoting, preparing, documentation, and worker correspondence.

Proficient photography and video benefits extraordinarily add to promoting industry. They can be use to acquire the consideration of the client. Proficient photography can offer eye-getting pictures in promoting and on sites to improve results. Researchers additionally use photography and video administrations to record and study developments. Specialists are similarly intrigued by these perspectives, yet in addition attempt to investigate roads other than the photograph mechanical portrayal of the real world. Military, police, and security powers utilize proficient photography and video administrations for reconnaissance, acknowledgment, and information stockpiling.

Proficient photography and video administrations are likewise utilized by beginners to safeguard recollections of most loved occasions, catch extraordinary minutes, recount stories, send messages, and as a wellspring of diversion.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Skill4
~ Marine Industry ~

Web Design ~ Website Development


End consumers are requesting better help constantly. These intense requests are left behind the inventory network, as B2C organizations need a higher caliber of administration that they can give to their clients.

New advances, troublesome plans of action, vulnerability in the worldwide economy and political scene, and moderate development of worldwide interest are the significant difficulties in the Industrials, Manufacturing and Transportation space. All organizations are battling with the digitization and the web of things. We give this type of flexibility in our Web designing, Graphic and Digital marketing.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Skill4
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Mr. Vishal Mandhare

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Mr. Omkar Thanekar

These guys are really Professional we wanted to make a website for our business firm, they design it so well that we are satisfied with their services, proper management and delivered thier commitement on time


Mr. Umesh Lamkane

Have great expertise when it comes to website design and optimisation. Superb Service and also good Coordination. Helped my business with 50% profit gain in the very first week.